How much would it approximately cost to install an after market front bumper that's already painted?

I bought a bumper for $300 and I literally can't install it because it doesn't fit completely and doesn't have screw holes. How much would it cost me to take it to an autobody shop and have them install it?

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If it all fit, probably less that $100. In your case, it will take modifications and may run well up into the high hundreds if not thousands. It would probably be cheapest to take the vehicle (leave your misfitting parts at home) to a body shop and have them put a bumper on it.


You still trying to figure that out?

Will this thing eliminate the original bumper? If yes, no respectable body shop will touch it.

If this replaces the original cover only, or installs without removing any of the legally required federally mandated equipment, you "might" find a shop that would do that, but realize this; there is a ton of labor involved in modifying aftermarket crap to actually fit.

From your last question, there is a good bit of modification needed, and that is labor intensive, and will also require paint refinishing. Unless that thing is blended in to the rest of the car, the paint won't match well either. After all that, you'll have a nice car with a cheap looking front end, and at least a thousand bucks gone from your wallet!

Hi so who know the fact that you find the holes are not in the same place will also be the issue for an auto shop. so it might be as simple as brackets that need to be changed or worse still not the right bumper.