How much should I be charged to get my rear drum brakes rebuilt?

One of them went out

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That depends on the car. What parts are needed.what do you mean one went out?
Do you not get your car maintained?
That can cause an accident and even kill you.
Proper maintenance is they key to a reliable car.

Depends on what parts need replacing, and how much is charged for labor.
Brakes are ALWAYS done as a set, never just one.
Front, rear or all four. This keeps things even, no side pulling.

My old drums could have been turned once more but.....
New pads in front, new drums and shoes in rear, labor and 20 new lug nuts ran me about $600 a month ago.
1995 F-150

You don't rebuild rear brake replace them. You're likely going to need new wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and a hardware kit. You're looking at around $250. That includes bleeding the brakes after the wheel cylinders get replaced.