I m being sexually harassed at work!?

A guy that I m working with has made 3 inappropriate gestures with his fingers towards my vagina! I have ask him to please not do that! He laughs and says he s joking but he continually does it. I let my supervisor know , he says he ll talk to the guy! Help! I feel very uncomfortable working by this guy and they refuse to relocate me to another department! What shall I do? I m in a union, but my union reps suck! Help somebody what should I do next!

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In writing, state the facts of the matter about how and when you are harassed and how it makes you feel. Include that you went through the proper channels to report the abuse but nothing is being done. State that you wish to either be relocated or have the offending co worker be relocated as the harassment has reached a stage where you are concerned for your safety and emotional well being. Send this letter to The Union and cc to your supervisor and whomever governs your supervisor.

You said you let your supervisor know, but do you have an Human Resources (HR) department that you can go to? I'm not sure the protocol for escalating a sexual harrassment situation in your workplace, but it should be covered if you ever received any type of employee handbook. If you have let your supervisor know and it still continues, you can bring it up to your supervisor again, or go to the next department up. Usually HR handles these types of situations by asking for you to explain the situation and they ask a few questions to see how you handled the situation and since you have said "stop" and it continues, it is indeed harassment. I wouldn't think a supervisor would be able to relocate you or anything like that.

Then, if any of the higher-ups don't do anything you can either look into suing the company, which you probably want to put as a last resort since that can have legal fees, and depending on the size of the company and how they cover themselves, you may not come out victorious, but rather without a job.

You can also start job hunting if that is an option to you so you can switch jobs, hopefully somewhere with better pay and less stress.

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Frankly, there's little hope. If you have the time and money you can sue. But then it's important to have solid evidence and show you've gone through the proper channels by filing formal complaints. Just saying it happened and having a verbal encounter with your supervisor basically doesn't count. You have to send papers to the big bosses that there's a record of they can't deny.

I've had to do it and they just annoy you in some other way. I ended up getting fired for ramming into him, repeatedly, with a machine. I have not heard of many sexual harassment situations ending cleanly or to anyone's satisfaction. It's shitty but the truth is you have to pit up with it or just leave, unless you want to mire yourself in him, the situation, and all the legal hoops for years.

Put it all in writing the more details the better, times and dates. Make a formal request to be moved or for him to be moved and give that along with the timeline to your HR department. If nothing is fixed get a lawyer and sue him for harassment and the company for allowing a hostile work environment.

Go with your supervisor to HR.

Talk to the human resources department, if he doesn't stop, get a lawyer and sue the company.

You're a liar. If he did this, you should have called the cops. I believe you are accusing him of something he did not, although he showed interest in you and you want to pull some feminist bs on him.

The best thing to at this point is to consult a lawyer who specializes in employment law. Call one and tell them what's happening. They will tell you if you have a case and what are your options. A phone consult is free.

If you have notified your HR Department and they have a written record of your complaint and this guy's actions toward you, then if he does it again, slap him across his face.

You need to call the police ! Even if it means having them arrive at the worksite.
Have a written/recorded documentation of what has occurred. Dates/times etc / If there are cameras at your place of employment, have the police refer to those.