What should I do if my Uber rider is an alien?

I don't mean a foreign person. I mean a real alien from another planet. They might want me to take them to my leader. I am self employed so I am not sure who is the leader?

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Refer them to UberXtraterrestrial.

This is stupid

sorry they did not find any intelligent lifeforce on earth

so you dont have to worry bout those aleinin takeing you any where

Either be there friend or exploit them and become famous not to mention rich. Write a book about it

This is one reason I don't use services like Lyft or Uber. I insist on licenced taxi cab driven by a licenced taxi cab operator. These licensures are my guarantee that the car meets safety standards, that the driver has been background checked and is registered with law enforcement, that each ride is tracked in real time, that both car and driver are well insured so that in the event of mishap there is good insurance that will cover not only ME but the taxi operator as well.

These "black market" rides are less expensive, and you get what you pay for. It's a business model in which the profits basically come from NOT providing protections for the passenger or driver. I don't buy products made with slave labor and I don't ride "black market" taxis.

An alien from another planet with a credit card and a mobile device? Pick 'em up and get 'em where they're going. Isn't that how it works?

get out of the car

Go to space. First one on a spaceship with alien. EVER. lucky you

You must be thwelve.

Be prepared for a good old fashioned probing.