How to ask roommate to not use scented wall plug-ins?

My roommate recently started using Glade scented wall plug ins, and has it turned on most of the time. I'm sensitive to artificial fragrances and they irritate me a lot- headaches, etc. The smell is so overpowering in our house and I can't stand it. It's too cold where I live to leave windows open... I also know that artificially scented products like this are proven to be pretty toxic, especially over time. They can dull your sense of smell and some studies even suggest they're linked to endocrine issues, cancer, etc. I don't want to police what products my roommate uses, because she lives here too (and actually pays more than me- she has the master bedroom) but this is driving me insane. So how do I go about asking her to use something else? We're not close friends or anything, we get along just fine but usually try to stay out of each other's way. I'd be more than happy to purchase some sort of essential oil burner or candles to scent the house- anything that isn't this overwhelming and headache-inducing. Please help lol. Thanks

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Just be honest and let your roommate know. Especially the fact that you are willing to purchase other items. I think things will work out for the good.

Is it a dorm room? If so, just tell her they bother you, and ask her nicely to take them down. If its a multiroom apartment, then ask her if she could keep them in her room. Or just start talking about the dangers of plugins

Why is this so difficult? Just ask your roommate to please keep the scented plug-ins confined to her room rather than common spaces. You don't need to give hr statistics. Just explain that you feel ill when around them. Any reasonable person would understand.

P.S- In the future, you need to disclose any health issues you have that may be affected by environmental factors up front. This is basic common sense when living with others.

I hate those things.
I'd second Tee's recommendation . Have a sit down with her, so she knows it's a serious thing and just not a minor complaint.

U tell your roommate u re allergic to scents and it causes harm to your health. Nothing wrong with that, i m allergic too, i asked my work colleague not to use perfume, she understood


If you don't see each other much, you could leave her a note next to her coffee cup or something and say hey, I've been having a lot of headaches lately and I'm thinking it's from your glade. Would you mind not using it? Maybe try candles instead? Thanks.
Or, if you do see her, tell her to her face.

Lie. Tell her you went to see your doctor over unexplained headaches and after a series of questions about when the headaches began and anything different in your life was discussed, it was determined that your headaches are most likely from the Glade Plug-In because your headaches originate at home and seem to go away when you are not home. Tell her you are so sorry but for your health, the Plug-In has to go. Do not replace one scent with another one because that may eventually give you headaches as well.