How come george zimmerman got away with murder?

He was told to stay in the car. He also managed to hit his grandma and girlfriend, called a bartender a nigjger lover. He beats on women also. Sounds like traywon martin was profiled.

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Murder is the "Illegal" taking of another persons life. A Jury decided that they circumstances surrounding the Zimmerman case fell with in the law and was not illegal. Why the jury felt as they did, only the jurors know.

Such a bs question.

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None of those things were relevant to the situation

No he was told not to follow that thug and he was asked ''is he white black or Hispanic..'' before he said ''I think he black'' and no one ever called that other thug ''the Gentle Giant of Ferguson''' and no he did not have his hands in the air he was attacking that white police office and no am not taking blame for those crusades and no police do not have a long history of targeting blacks and no the policeman was not stupid for arresting THE obama friend who refused to show ID

Second amendment he was standing his ground on the suspect. If the guy didn't want to get 'stand your grounded', what was he doing out at night in a residential white area, and why didn't he obey the acting authorities when he stopped him?

Because Travon Martin attacked Zimmerman in a state where self-defense laws state you can stand your ground. If Zimmerman had thrown the first punch, Treyvon would have been justified in attacking Zimmerman, but as far as I'm aware - Treyvon initiated the attack, thus allowing Zimmerman to stand his ground. As big of an *** hat as George Zimmerman is, I don't believe he was inherently wrong in shooting Treyvon. His mistake was acting like he had some kind of authority over the neighborhood. He over stepped his bounds by acting like he was hot ****. Unfortunately for Treyvon, he also over stepped his bounds by assaulting someone.

Because black lives don't matter.