Can people with depression be nasty or rude?

or cold and uninterested, my friend is like this and we are mature adults, I am sorry she is sick but dont take it out on me! and dont agree to meet up and then say nothing..or be rude to me, im trying to be nice.

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You sound so nice and concerned about your friend. Maybe take some of that concern and do some research.

Take it how you want, and I don't care if you report me. Those are obvious signs and you sound like a jerk. Have a good one.

Here's your answer: yes we can be nasty and rude. Follow it?

Well then I guess you can feel good about yourself for doing your best to be there for a friend going through a rough time then? Right?


If you're going to befriend a sick person, then you must allowances for their condition.
You don't go for a walk with someone who has walking problems and then complain that they are too slow.
You don't go out to eat with someone who has ___ disease and then carp at them for ordering dry toast and weak tea.
You don't hang around with a blind person and then be get annoyed at their inability to see.

A person who is clinically depressed (not just in a bad mood) is often not ABLE to respond to others in the socially approved way. This person can't control lack of attention span, inability to focus, the "social paralysis" that keeps them from keeping engagements or even calling to cancel. You either treat this person with leniency and acceptance or you explain that coping with their illness is starting to have an negative effect on YOU.

Please don't choose to drop this person with a "call me when you're over the hump" attitude. It will mean so much to this friend if you'd just call now and then, have a short visit with them now and then. Even if the visit isn't particularly pleasant for you, it does this sick person a world of good.

Rudeness is more common in depressed men, but women can have these symptoms also.

If she doesn't care then she will not ever care. My so called friend does the same ****. She will say that she just forgot. And will not text back for days. She once told me that she had a girlfriend and that If she talked with me then she would leave her. Bullshit right? Then let her text you. Have you really tried to meet up with her? Because it sounds to me like you haven't you are probably one of those crazy ass friends I thought I had. She is always talking about how depressed she is about a girl who didn't even like her as a person. How do you do through with someone's first time and leave them? Then go no contact after their birthday? Her ex. Then after a year go through being upset and suffer going to some place you can't afford. You think your friend is ****** up. I'm sorry for mine but I'm getting sick of bullshit. Next year I may move on and not say anything either. She need to grow up. Be with someone or not but pick up and do something with your life before people get tired of you. I'm done with people I don't want to date or have friends. Think or remember about what love feels like. Christmas is around the corning and I don't want any gifts. I'm tired of this life. .I'm so tired of being here and I'm tired of people.

Yes. And people who don't have a clue how depression affects a person can also be nasty or rude by saying things like "I'm sorry you're sick but don't take it out on me".

Seriously. You are a chitty focking friend if this is how you treat someone you care about who is suffering from a mental illness. You're a focking bltch.

That's often the signs of depression, however she shouldn't take that out on you and should be alone if she does not plan on taking her meds.

Obviously they can, seeing as how they're human and all. You're "trying to be nice"... okay, but isn't that a given? If you don't enjoy her company or like the way she treats you don't spend time with her. You have that choice. You do have other friends right?

yes they can. definitely. when i was depressed, i would be irritable and i could get mean with people (not proud of it.)

i suggest you give your friend space, and do not take her rudeness personally. when she gets over her depresion she will feel badly. in fact, after she is rude to you, she probably feels bad and guilty and that in turn makes her more depressed.