How can u say that if someone doesn't like black then he is a racist?

How can u say that if someone doesn't like black then he is a racist? If YES then if someone doesn't like orchid and like rose, then is he/she a racist too? Everyone do have a choice afterall

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Flowers don't have races. Yes you have a choice, and you can choose to be racist.


Because blacks will use ANY excuse to call whites racist!! The "BLM" movement is completely out of control and creating COMPLETE civil unrest in this country!! Blacks are going to create a civil war if they do not take a step back and see how their own behavior creates racist views. If they want to ACT like complete animals, they should be TREATED LIKE ANIMALS. Period!! And the woman are loud and obnoxious because of their upbringing. They have very little class or education, so they think that form of behavior is acceptable. Regarding weight, blacks are genetically predisposed to obesity and diabetes, but their poor diet and lazy lifestyle only makes matters worse.

Orchid is purple.
Rose is pink.
Ebony is black. Crayons are NOT people. Correct.

Do you mean the color black or black people ?
Not liking the color black is of course not racist.
Not liking black people just because they are black is somewhat racist and should be locked up in your brain and not acted upon.

If you don't like Blacks you are not racist. It just means you don't like them. I know Blacks who don't like Blacks, neither.

It has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with the way some of them act.
Just like homosexuals. Some homosexuals make the rest of them look bad.

Because when whites dont like someone simply because of their race , majority of the time it's because of racist reasons?

Flowers aren't a type of race ...idk why critical thinking is so hard for you f'ucking idiots but flowers and human f'ucking beings are not the same

I don't like the colour yellow.