Isn't it funny how the U.S is worried about radical extremism in Myanmar when Myanmar is committing genocide?

Best answer: Salam.Yes it is funny

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Salam, some kafirs like to take a victim stance. They'll invade countries, kill millions and millions of people and then say it was all in the name of self-defense or the preservation of their sinful ways or human rights. They have many hypocritical traits. If you cannot support those Muslims physically or with your wealth then the LEAST you can do is make dua to Allah ta'ala to give them patience and strength and victory, and also spread Islam in your own country. That is the least you can do, the dua takes less than a few seconds to make but is worth a lot.

Muslims have to be more patient than kafirs in war. Kafirs cannot endure more than Muslims, they have to spend billions, trillions of dollars, lose many of their own, etc. Muslims beat Quryash with patience, the quryash gave it all they had in their offensive battles and lost their best men in them, then they lost patience and could not endure an offensive fight any more and were put on the defensive, and then they lost.

wa salam.

Why do you think the Myanmar government is allowing this to happen?
The damn Muslims initiated this, just like they're doing all over the world. Suddenly they're faced with a people who simply won't tolerate their extremist behaviour and the Muslims are crying about it .... sob sob poor us .....

Well I'm sorry but I have zero sympathy for those scumbag Muslims. If they want to attack us, then that's exactly how they should be treated everywhere. You notice how they are becoming worse all over the Western world, Middle East, Africa and many parts of Asia? That's proof being nice to them will never be reciprocated. They see us as infidels and hate us for it. The whole lot of them should be exterminated in my opinion.

It's sad.

No. I've been told by countless Muslims, the US should stop sticking their nose in other countries business. Don't cry when the US does nothing when countries start to "commit genocide" against Muslims - They've got to keep their nose out remember?

Myanmar trouble was started by Muslims. Countries used to turn a blind eye to it, now they deal with extremist Muslims. No country wants to be the next Syria or Iraq.

USA only inteferes when there is something to gain.. oil, minerals, gold, poppy plants (as in afghanistan, hint)

Muslims are in conflict with almost every non Muslim group on the planet, yet it´s never their fault.

It´s actually not that surprising Muslims are in conflict with almost every non Muslim group on the planet, talking into account the fvcked up things that so many believe.

To make things worse, Muslims are in complete denial to this, they use double standards and they are the worlds biggest cry babys.

Actually, USA is now staying out of Bosnia, China, Myanmar etc taking the Muslims.

That is the best strategy for them now.

Their earlier intervention under the Barrack Hussein Obama Government is what led to the crisis in those Countries and also got USA to become the target of many terrorist attacks and International ire.

The problems in Afghanistan and Iraq were, also, the result of USA messing up thing there with supporting the fundamentalists back then.

Trump is now silent about it and has sent across the message that they will not interfere with the people of those places taking care of their problems in their own ways and that is the right thing to do since it is not within US jurisdiction nor is it wise to expose USA to attacks by Jihadists who will blame USA for interfering, anyway.

Insofar as the Myanmar people are concerned, they give a $hit for anybody's opinion nor will take any interference.

After all, the PC World stood by and silently watched when the Muslims invaded their land and committed the genocide of an entire region of Myanmar and began another one on the neighboring province which led to the retaliation.

Say what you want, but, nobody is going to help the Muslims anymore.

Salam.Yes it is funny