Why do I like torturing my bladder?

I want to get ultrasounds purposely, and take long car journeys without stopping. I like to test my bladder to show it I'm in control, and love to feel it bulging, full up, and ready to explode.

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um....ok.... you have issues

Contrary to your opinion, getting ultrasounds does not distress your bladder. If you want to torture your bladder, you can introduce some nasty bacteria to it, and suffer urinary tract infections.

Keep doing it, to show it who's boss.

Your bladder isn't made to stretch more and more. There are horrible stories of the ways soldiers tortured prisoners by not allowing them to pee and then jumping on them until their bladders broke.

Do some research on anatomy and physiology of your urinary system, before you do yourself permanent harm.

I don't know why you feel that way, but if it is interfering with your every day life (and it seem like it is), please do see a therapist or a doctor or something.

Ask the same question when you get a kidney infection,pass blood,have pain that feels like you're urinating razor blades,and you don't stop dribbling p*ss for days.

Because you are mentally unstable.

Russia's Peter the Great died from gangrene of the bladder. Have fun.