Do black American women date African men?

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All the time.

when you say african.. surely you are aware that africa is a large continent..
including such places as Egypt, Morocco, South Africa. etc.. and YES.. many dark skinned american women would marry an arab from North AFrica.. also possibly a white african from S,. africa.. I know of such marriages..
so be more specific.

Typically yes.
Most white & Asian men find black women repulsive.

but blacks are africans

Sometimes. But black Americans can be ignorant when it comes to black Africans. I've seen alot of Africans and Jamaicans being picked on by African Americans because they talk different or have a different style than them and sometimes even racist. I heard once a black kid tell an African guy to go back to Nigeria while him and his friends laugh ignorantly. And this is why even other black people from other countries do not like black Americans they look at us as thugs, lazy and ignorant. Black people in America really need to get it together.

I doubt it! American women specially black tend to be quite nasty they're not liked by many men including their own!

You mean AFRICAN-American women?

Yes, they do, but they prefer African-American men.

Are you an African man in the USA?