Whats better incest porn or lesbian porn?

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Is there such a thing as lesbian incest porn? That would be my vote.

if its mother and daughter then that porn is better

Lesbian porn hands down man, you wanna link to some?

Incest lesbian porn.

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Well Bobby, I don't care for porn. But that's just me. All of the porn that I've seen (not that much) was just generic garbage: bad acting, fake moaning, ridiculously stupid plots... basically, it was intellectually insulting.  But at least there wasn't any force or violence in anything that I saw.

And I found it SO ANNOYING that the girls would sometimes be looking at the camera instead of the guy doing her.  That made it quite obvious that the couple didn't care about each other in even the slightest way.

Add in the fact that there was no compelling story, no love, no intimacy, no affection, no cuddling, no romance, no mutual respect, no history, no future, no giddiness, no nothing.  Plus, I thought that all of the guys looked like selfish horny jerk losers.

So there was never any reason for me to ever watch porn again after seeing garbage like that.

Does my assessment of porn mean that I'm a Miss Goody-Goody-Two-Shoes?  Not at all!!! 
My fetish is the forbidden taboo love of brother - sister incest (consensual; not forced).

So instead of watching porn, I enjoy reading romantic & erotic stories with happy endings (a romantic story needs to have a believable history, a build-up of excitement, lots of honest discussions of feelings between the lovers, expressions of commitment to each other, plans for the future, looking into each other's eyes, feeling their warm breath on each other's faces, smelling each other's breath, nuzzling noses together, the whispering of affection, wet french kissing, sucking on lips & tongues....... lots of stuff like that).

Posted below in my comment are a few links to some taboo erotica stories about siblings that I've enjoyed reading.

lesbian mother/daughter is where its at