Why do Mexicans listen to that terrible music?

I'm hispanic (not mexican) and I just can't understand how mexicans like that circus music!!! I'm talking about banda, corridos, norteños, tex-mex etc... It sounds terrible!! Luckely those genres aren't heard much here on the east coast or in other latin countries but when I do hear it in like a mexican restaurant or univision it makes my ears bleed! I just want you guys to tell me, why oh why do you guys like it???

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You think that's terrible, I like this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBm2mz3IHoM

Especially at 13:50 to about 15:00

Not that I have an issue with Mexicans or their culture, their music does sound pretty awful and really does sound like circus music.

Their music is Meh, I wouldn't consider all of it terrible.

Link a video of the music you like.

Because we are inferior

I can only imagine that for some reason (what an idea!) that they LIKE that music, which is quite simaer to Zydeco.

Because Mexicans are dumb losers.