Why are the cuban americans in miami stupidly celebrating the death of fidel castro like dumb people?

"do not speak ill of the dead"

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Because many of them came to the U.S. when their families sought political asylum. You know the whole get away from Castro and being beaten, tortured, and thrown in jail for speaking out against the government. Obvious a retarded troll asked this question.

Because they are happy the old bastard is finally gone?

"Do not speak ill of the dead" (De mortuis nihil nisi bonum) is an Ancient Greek aphorism derived from the far earlier Ancient Persian proverb "اجازه دهید بز مرده در آرامش", which meant literally "Let the dead goats sleep in peace"...

What grounds do YOU have for accusing others of being "stupid" for celebrating improvement in their world?

Same reason Blacks hate white people their ancestors were tortured and killed.

"do not speak ill of the dead" - Did you just write that? It sounds very sombre. Like from Game of Thrones.

People are happy Fidel Castro is dead because he was an evil tyrant who committed horrible crimes on defenseless people when he was alive.

If you had lived under the rule of this Dictator you would understand. He is responsible for the death of thousands of Cubans. The Cuban Americans in Florida lived the rule of this horrible man and have good reason to celebrate his death.