What are the bathroom laws in the UK regarding transgender people?

I recently came out as a trans man and I want to know if I'd be able to use the men's bathrooms without breaking any laws. Can't find any information on it anywhere

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As long as you look like a man, no-one is even going to notice.
It's the same for people who have become women - just use whichever toilet facilities are appropriate to the way you look.
No-one cares.

It is expected of us to use the bathroom of the gender we are living as, ie trans men people after they started transitioning start to use the men's bathrooms when they are ready. If you look out of place someone could confront you in there though. You might have the situation where you don't feel you pass completely but feel unsafe in the female's too. Just easyist to pick a quiet time.

No. No country in the world ever needed laws about this until the US suddenly panicked during an election cycle.

Use the bathroom meant for your ACTUAL gender ffs you freak. I don't want to see you in my bathroom. I would say I'd kick your asz, but... seeing how you are really a girl, I can't.

I think this will help you: http://www.antheamakepeace.co.uk/toileti...

In UK law, there is NOTHING which says that men must use the Mens toilets, and women the Womens toilets. That is not covered in law.
However it is controlled by the owners of private premises. Stores, restaurants, shopping centres, etc can set their own policy because there is no law to cover it.
On the whole, it seems that "best practice" is the way to go. Under law being Transgender is a protected class, however this only applies if you are in actual process of transitioning, meaning you have either declared to have, are currently having or have already had gender reassingment surgery. The type of Transgender covered by UK law is those people actually planning to or who have transitioned.

It is still a battleground issue in the UK, with many groups campaigning (often for different outcomes), so in the meantime, it looks like the best practice of "use what you legally are", which basically means use the ladies once you've transitioned and been legally recognised as a woman.

You need some kind of evidence to present in case you're challenged (which has never happened to me). If you have a diagnosis you can take a copy of that and use it. After you get a driving licence or a passport, just use that. Any public toilet is fine and private establishments with gendered toilets can't deny you access because of the 2005 gender equality act.