I don't know I am a gay or not but I dreamed about getting ****** and giving ******* but never attracted by friends So I am a Gay or not?

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Bent as 9 dollar means

Bent as a 9 dollars note./

No, you are not gay. I however am gay.

If you dream about stealing you aren't a thief like when you dream about being gay you aren't. I've dreamt about being with girls and I'm gay, but it doesn't make me straight or bi at all. As long as you aren't sexually attracted to men you aren't gay.

If you dream about murdering, are you a murderer? No. If you dream about stealing, are you a thief in real life? No. If you dream about whatever, are you that? No. If you dream about being an animal (however that works), are you an animal? No. Dreams are crazy and can be anything, you don't really have control over dreaming, at least I don't.

I wouldn't be worried by a dream as all sorts of silly sh!t happens in dreams. If you don't fantasize about sex with guys when you masturbate I would say you are straight.