Can a 17 year old still act young?

I'm so afraid I've ruined my childhood. I've managed to get a GPA of 4.08, but haven't just hung out at the mall or gone out with a friend in high school. I haven't hung out at arcades or fairs even though I've wanted too. I've stayed home and haven't acted like a kid. Is it too late?

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No man, you are still young! If you have friends go out with them. Watch some movies with them, play games, go to fairs or arcades. You are not old by any means, you can still have fun, but good job focusing on school grades are as equally important as having fun!

17 is very young! Of course you can do all those things, but make sure you keep those great grades, and get in to college...thats when the fun really starts :)

You have at least 40 years until you are officially "old".

Im 22. I promise you its never too late to do anything, you've heard that before and its the truth. You can't change the past so dont worry about it or let it get you down. You are who you are today, not yesterday.
Just make sure you don't miss out on living it up the next 6 years. And i mean that in whatever way you like to have fun. You're young and healthy so just make sure you don't sit around too much in-front of a computer or tv. You can do that when your old and crippled. Get out and do stuff, believe me it doesn't matter what it is you do, just do something. You don't have to fit the age stereotypes. By that i mean you don't need skip classes and be 'cool' your senior year. You don't need to party in college. You dont need to have a great job by your mid 20s. etc..

'You'll regret sitting around' thats all i can say. Truly doesn't matter how old you are that statement will always apply. Seriously I'm just a person on the internet but if i could meet you in person I'm sure i could convince you that those are about the 4 most import word you'll ever hear. Write them down somewhere and never forget them.

The most commonly used weighted GPA goes up to 4.0.

No dude! Go out there and act like a kid! It's not too late, especially for you since you're not even 18 yet. You can't get charged as an adult for any stupid stuff you do. Nows the time. yolo.