Is porn an okay outlet for teens?

I can't say I'm addicted to porn or I'm pleasuring myself every single day, hours on end. Nor do I appreciate the way people are treated in them. But I do like the sex scenes for obvious reasons. I'm 16 so I'm not actually interested in having sex yet myself. Is this considered healthy?

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Kill your self h0e

Its normal for a teen to watch porn

Porn is just like other sexual outlets. A little is considered harmless, however you do have to practice some self-control. You can become addicted to it. You don't want it to rule over your life.

Yes and no.
f like it can make you have unrealistic expectations in relationships.and possibly kill your sex drive

the VAST majority of porn in not OK for anyone.... MOST of it is pervesions that should not be emulated by anyone... yet far to many think that what they are seeing in porn is how things should be done.... which it ain't...... now 5th graders are demanding sex on the first date...