I got asked to a dance by a guy and I'm lesbian?

Help! Yesterday some guy asked me to our schools winter dance and I panicked and said yes. I'm gay but I'm still in the closet so I didn't want to tell him that I was gay. Should I go? I like him as a friend and maybe I could tell him that but I'm still not sure. If I was going to ditch him how should I do it?

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If you've never been kissed by a boy, I think I'd wait and see? You may as well see how it feels, right?

It's only a dance, no one is planning the wedding.

That is ok. You are only going to dance with him. Nothing else will happen. Just go and have fun.

So you can't have male friends????? Grow up. Unless a girl asks you to go to the dance accept his offer.

He asked you as a friend. You accepted as a friend. That's OK, friends can do that. It doesn't mean you are an item .... but you might want to let him know that it's just a friendly thing going to the dance together. You could give him the " I like you as a person and am glad you are my friend but I am not looking for a relationship right down" speech. That leaves you free to come out when you are ready.
As a guy, I should warn you that we can read more into a situation than there really is. I am not saying it's "She wants to come to the dance with me so I might get lucky" ... but that wouldn't be far from the truth. It may be best if you can do the 'friend' speech before he gets his hopes up. Isn't life complicated!