How to explain to a person in a "nice" way that they meet all of characteristics of being "white trash".?

How would you call someone who meets all of the characteristics of "white trash" ie. makes fart jokes, a little racist, never made it through high school, bossy and rude... "white trash," but in a more sophisticated way (you know- because you re better than). How would you explain it to them in a nice way, because they aren t aware of meeting all of the criteria but they really want to know what is up with themself? Sometimes it just is what it is right?

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Tell them they are rude and crude. Tell them it's a real turn off.

tell them that you really, really admire their Tramp Stamp, and wish you had one like it.

Do you think they need that information? You, obviously, have bigger problems.

Keep a stiff upper lip, hold your head high, look at the target in the eye and explain slowly and clearly, "Your shaky grasp on manners and morals makes me want to tear my own heart out in shame. I fear being this close to a retard like you because it might affect my IQ. I must leave now so as not to give others the impression that I am associated with you in any way; I don't want people thinking I am white trash." Then spit at their feet and walk away like you could buy the building you're in/street you're on. Believe me, this is the nicest and simplest possible way that those people could understand.

You tell them that they are a lot like you