Help I'm 17 and attracted to children?

It started around the age of 12 and it never stopped developing I'm scared to even mention this topic right now could someone please find a solution i thought it was a phase but I don't think this will ever change its a very powerful attraction

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There is therapy available - but you have to go and ask for it.

Of course, you must realise that no matter how powerful the attraction is, you can never, ever act on it.
There is never an excuse for doing so.

Go and get some help now.

Therapy... NOW BEFORE YOU TURN 18 GET THE **** TO THERAPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That comes with the territory of being gay. The sooner you get out of that lifestyle, the sooner that attraction will go away.

I'm 19 and people of all ages, young and old, turn me on. I live with it, because these is never going to be a child that asks me to do anything anyways, so I don't have to worry about it XD

I have the same problem, I'm 17 and kids also turn me on. I say just live with it

Go to therapy.