I hate my country and the Middle East so much!?

I'm a 14 year old Lebanese girl and I am not proud at all. I am disgusted by my country, its culture and its people. I don't even look Arab, why am I one? People tell me I look Danish or Swedish. I hate the Middle East! I prefer Denmark and Japan. I hate being Arab. I also hate most of my country's cuisine. I am SO ASHAMED that Mia Khalife (whatever the name, my class talks about her sometimes) and I are from the same country. I also hate how everyone says "you're Lebanese, so you're BORN Muslim/Christian/Druze", because I AM Buddhist AND we aren't born in a religion. I am not a fan of Islam. Plus I hate that we are 3rd most tobacco consumer because I HATE TOBACCO! I hate how people do hookah! It stinks. When I'll be 18, I'm leaving to Denmark for living and university. Plus our best university is at 228 and all of them are pure trash which makes me laugh. Also, I'm not a fan of Arab culture and Islam and general. I'm more of a Denmark/Japan fan. Lebanese are SO LOUD and Extroverted which I hate. They make fun of Buddhists and Buddhism. I'm a proud introvert. Is it normal to hate it?

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That's fine.

I love the middle east, great food nice people.
I also love shariah law because they kill gays.

Is teenage angst normal?
Yes. You'll realize the world is a lot more complicated in due time.

Get a black boyfriend everything will be better!

OK... I read your "novel". Yes, it is notmal, especially if you are a teenager. ("I hate everything, and I'm going to my room!" - SLAM)