Need names for future kids?

For boys, I really like religious names, for example: Joshua Asher Isaiah Elijah Jordan Aaron Isaac Josiah Adam James Zion Which names on that list do you like? Can you suggest any others? For girls, I really don't know which names I like. I'm not a fan of flower / jewel / colour names, except maybe Acacia, Violet, Scarlett, Pearl and Dahlia. I think Kenzie and Kayla are quite cute, and Alicia is pretty too. Suggest your favourite female names please!

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Abigail, Ruth

From your list, I like Adam, Jordan, Aaron, Issac, Joshua and Josiah.

Personally my favourites for girls are Victoria, Natalia, Clara, Adelyn, Charlotte, Ariella, Marina, Elena, Sabrina, Evelina, Juliet, Lilliana, Madelyn, Annabelle, Emilia, Rebecca, Desirae, Stella, Lauren, Carley, Kendra, Alexa, Isabella, Eva and Cassandra.

How about God, Mary, Joseph and Jesus.