Irish and Germans are the largest groups in the United States, so why do we speak English?

Indonesia was colonized by the Netherlands and no Dutch are spoken in Indonesia. Belize was colonized by Spaniards and there is no Spanish spoken in Belize. North Korea and South Korea, were already Japanese territories and do not speak Japanese there. Brazil was colonized by Spaniards and in Brazil, Portuguese is spoken.

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Not true cause the vast majority of white Americans are of Polish, Italian, Native American, African, Hispanic , Hungarian, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese , Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian , Romanian , Slovenian, Serbian , Albanian , Bosnian, Armenian , Middle Eastern , Indian, Polynesian origins

Brazil was colonized by Portuguese in my planet, i don't know about your planet.

Because the U.S. was never COLONIZED by Ireland or Germany. Irish and German were never languages of government administration or of business.

Because we choose to.

brazil was colonized by the poteguese, usa was created by british immigrants