This is how arabs/muslims act now. Why are they so backward?

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They don't look, sound and overall behave smart, not remotely, but they can't possibly be harming you with that stupid ****, it's not like they're invading other countries for oil and geopolitical purposes killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people now is it?

Regressive is more correct.

is this your best?!! you google "stupid arabs" & get some nonsense video?!! with all related videos are "dumb", "stupid", or "funny" arabs!! and you are trying to make an assumption?!! you are so pathetic!

SOME of them, maybe, but some do not.

I was recently in Jordan and Palestine, and I noticed that everyone was very nice, so what can we say?

Perhaps you make generalizations out of an isolated case, I have actually been there?


That's Arab "Culture".