What's it mean if both men and women take notice of you easily when you walk by or enter a room?

Best answer: It means you think you are memorable.

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Perhaps you have disturbed them or you may be conspicuous for one of many possible reasons, like there is no foot traffic.

You know this is a stupid question, otherwise you wouldn't be a blue head about it. It means nothing at all. Don't look others to interpret your reality. I suggest you ask one of these curious people directly "why did you look at me so easily when I walked in the room?" and see what they tell you. I bet you won't.

You stink. Go shower.

I'm tall.

I take notice of anyone who enters a room or walks by a room I occupy. The movement usually catches my eye. I believe most people are that way. So it means that you moved into or past a room and people noticed. What do you think it means?

Your bisexual and it shows.

It means you are funny looking.

It means you think you are memorable.