Why do some people really hate blondes? Why is it less common now?

I don't see many fellow blondes. I bleach my hair silver-blonde from almost black. I'm very pale with blue eyes so it doesn't look unnatural on me. I haven't seen many blondes, natural or otherwise. What happened? Anyone I've talked to about hair, etc has said blonde is ugly? I could understand calling gingers or brunettes ugly hair colours, but blonde? I get that not everyone suits blonde as it is a hard colour to wear, but to actively hate it?

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why do you understand ginger or brunette are ugly hair colours?

I think due to so many non whites mxed in now

Hmm! I don't hate blonds, brunettes, redheads. Pass them on to me!

Well you seem to actively hate gingers and brunettes so why can't people hate blondes? It's just a hair color.

Blonde isn't necessarily ugly , but like you said doesn't suit everyone, therefore that could be one reason. Another reason could be everyone is getting bored of the colour, recent hair trends are ombré or purple/silver hair. Also I don't think you should say ginger or brunette are ugly. I'm quite similar to you, I have milky pale skin and green eyes, and my hair is dark brown. I don't find it ugly, it actually suits my skin and eye colour, so I don't see what's so ugly about it. You speak of blonde as if it's some sort of superior colour, as if you aren't pretty if you aren't blonde, well that's not correct either. Different colours suit different people, try not to be so judgemental x

Because society built them up to the cream of the crop sex goddesses.

i love blondes

Really? I'm a dark ash blonde and I'm only attracted to blondes. From the very dark to the very light shades. As long as it's natural, I dig it. I love blondes.