I prefer dresses, heels, and full makeup over t-shirts, jeans and minimal makeup?

I find myself more confident and comfortable wearing a full face of makeup, a little dress, and high heels over t-shirts, jeans, and minimal or no makeup. It's rare if you don't see me all glammed up. Is this bad?

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Personally, I think it's the make up that gives one confidence. I wear foundation and eyeliner everyday even if I'm slouching about in jeans and tee. Life if tough enough, do what makes you feel strongest!

No, it´s fine :)
If you feel confortable and confident then you should wear what you want. I´m sure you´ll get more compliments than when you wear a simple t shirt, and it can look more feminine too :)

Of course its not bad! I like to do both. And i feel most amazing glammed up. Its up to you how you present yourself and feel most confidant. Keep doing what you're doing.

You need to find what makes you feel confident. Being a bit glam and looking good makes a female feel better about herself.

no its fine whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable is ok