I dont know my skin tone?

I can never get my skin tone when i buy foundation/ concealer. Its always either too light or too tan where can i go that can tell me my skin tone

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If you go to that makeup store (I can't remember the name but it starts with a S) there's a thing that tells you what skin tone you have and what foundation/concealer is and is best for you.

I agree - go to Sephora, Ulta, or the MAC counter and ask them to color match you. Sephora does have a little meter called Color IQ that will assign your skin a number based on your undertone and how light/dark you are.

Go with bare skin and test shades at your jawline. It's best to take a mirror and go outside to look in natural daylight as sometimes the store lighting can make it look different.

Once you've found one foundation that matches perfectly it's easier to find others - use Findation.com to find your perfect match in another brand.

Go to sephora and ask for some help

usually if you turn your hand over and you can see a bit of light blue or light green tint to your skin right in that area, or if you can see your veins easily it means that you are a cool skin tone. Also if you choose a neutral shade (they are usually marked) it will work with both warm and cool skin tones.

Go to Sephora and they can test different brands colour of foundation and etc for you to see what matches or go on YouTube and try to find a girl similar to you that is a MUA And buy what they use