Wearing makeup to a christmas party?

I have my first christmas party tomorrow. It's ALL family like including 2nd and 3rd cousins you know people you see once a year. I'm in 8th grade so do you think it would be worth if to go through and put on foundation and maybe mascara or no

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That's up to you. If you feel like dolling yourself up, go for it. Your family shouldn't have to dictate the way you look. But also if it's a matter of "why get dolled up" since they're family and they've probably seen you au natural before, then go bare-faced. Whatever you decide to do im sure you'll look beautiful either way

8th graders don't need foundation. It's too much. Try just a little mascara, blush, and lipstick, but not too much.

do whatever you're comfortable with

You could put on some mascara. Nothing too noticable because you are quite young. But if it makes you feel more confident, then you do you! :)