My hair caught on fire and I put it out instantly. Is it damaged?

This may sound really stupid but I was about to smoke a bowl and I have really long hair that parts in the middle on the sides if that makes sense. Anyways, a lock of hair was really close ti me lighter and it caught fire. as soon as I saw a hug blue flame puff up in the corner of my eye and hear the sizzling, I dropped my lighter and smothered my hands on the fire and none of my hair burned off. I feel like the natural oils in my hair may have caught on fire only though since my hair is still brown and none of it burned off because I literally put it out half a second after my hair ignited. I'd say it was about 2-3 inches that caught on fire. Definitely a scary moment but yeah no trolling, it really happened and I really hope my hair isn't fked up. thanks to those who answer

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Try putting conditioner on it. You may have to cut off the burned part, though.

You will be fine after your next trim. I saw my friends very hairsprayed hair catch fire once. Very funny. So long as it's out quickly. You'll be fine.


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