Why do some pretty girls become ugly when they cut their hair short?

Theres this girl in my class that I used to think she looked gorgeous (when she hard long hair). But now she cut her hair short (a bit longer than her chin) and now she looks ugly. My friends agreed that short hair doesn't fit her.

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Some short cuts just don't suit girls. If they get a bad hair cut it can change the way they look and not always for the better.
Some girls can look cute with short hair, if they get a cut that suits them.

I guess it's because the shape of her face (square, heart, oval e.t.c) doesn't match her new haircut, because it defines it a bit more. Maybe because there is more bad attention going to her face and highlighting it, when long hair softens her features a bit more. Or perhaps its just a bad haircut

Once girls go dyke they just lose everything they once had

This has more to do with how we see people. In western society, we are far more judgemental of people and their looks. Furthermore we tend to judge women more harshly on looks.

Another reason is to do with human behaviour and the fact that most people naturally enjoy repetition. Meaning that if someone were to change the way they look, especially something significant like a hair style, we tend to be judgemental of the situation in the beginning or have a particular opinion about how we like certain things.

Sometimes however, the style simply may not suit the person.