How to dress after losing weight?

I understand this a broad question and everyone's style is different but I recently lost 20kg, (I still intend to lose a lot more) but I'm getting to the point where I need to start buying new clothes and I just don't know how to style myself anymore. I'm so used to going for the baggiest tops I can find and maybe some leggings, but everything just looks silly and enormous on me now. Does anyone who has maybe gone through the same thing have any advice? I've had a lot of family tell me they can't tell thatI've lost as much as 20kg due to wearing the same (now extra) baggy clothing. Thanks in advance!

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Get some of those stretchy dresses and tops that fit nicely and can expand and contract to fit you because of the material?

Don't stock up atm. Do it after a few months once you're at your goal. Or near it atleast.

I lost 10kg once. And intend to lose a few more. Could you help? Advice etc.
How did you lose your 20?

If you are still losing weight do not spend too much money on clothing now. Look on Ebay or go to charity shops to get some used clothing as it's only going go be worn for a few months. Or go somewhere inexpensive like H&M or Primark (or whatever the cheaper clothing stores are in your country which you fail to mention) Then when you lose more weight you can try to resell it or donate it. Leggings or skinny jeans with stretch are good as you can wear them while losing more weight. I would go for more fitted tops instead of baggy ones.

If you like dresses -- look for styles that do not have a defined waist so they are fine to wear if you are losing weight.
You get the idea. Some of these can be worn over leggings and you can wear a cardigan on top if it's cold


tight jeans/leggings
fitted t shirts/cardigans
jogging bottoms
ugg boots
converse trainers???????