Feeling self conscious with work uniform?

i work at a fast food place that requires my hair in a bun with no hair sticking our which i dont like because i need some hair to frame my face. We also have to wear a bandanna which is fking even worse because im self conscious with my face. i cant rock a bun. what should i do? i just feel insecure with myself everytime i work

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i know how you feel...i have been woring at those ind of jobs for years.....some work outfits were ridiculous in a point were i was crying........yes it is not that important for others but for many people it is very important.

I have to deal with it...dont let get you...it wont be forever

The vast majority of those who go to fast food places could not even tell what the person looked like who served them. It's not a dating place or a singles club. Just do what needs to be done while at work and save your best looks for later.

i wouldn't worry about it too much. no one really cares what the employees look like, they just want their fries

I don't think I look good with my hair up either. But I got used to it at work, and I actually don't think it looks bad now. If you have a rounder face like me, try contoring. Gain confidence in your uniform, but also realize it's just a work uniform.