I've only ever used drugstore makeup. If I go into a Sephora/MAC/ Ulta Store will they give me a makeover to see if i like the products?

I've never had a problem with drugstore makeup, but I want to try high end stuff. I'm really picky on what foundation and powder I use though so im iffy on buying just a random foundation and powder online especially when drugstore stuff i buy is like 15 bucks and high end is like 40-50 bucks. So anyways will they give me a free makeover so i can see if i like high end or if i should just stick to drugstore?

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You usually can't get a full makeover for free, but they can put different products on you so you can see how they look (like color matching and all that), and you can get samples to take home (at least at Sephora, not sure about MAC or Ulta). When I first started buying high end makeup, I started with things that I didn't have to be super picky about, like blush, contour shades, highlights, etc. I still don't wear high-end foundations. My drugstore ones work just fine for me.

Lancome is really good, Clarins or CLinique would be better

As I know, you have to pay about $40 for a whole makeover not really sure