Afraid to wear flip flops?

I am 15 and I live in Gates Mills, Ohio so not a beach town. I am afraid to wear flip flops anywhere. I love wearing them but I am self conscious about it. If I am visiting somewhere in another state where I know I won't be recognized, I slip on a pair of flip flops, and nervously walk around town in them, and actually enjoy the rush. I need advice on this and recommendations how to begin wearing them in public.

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What are you afraid of?
Unless you are INCREDIBLY famous or important, not one person will take any notice of you


Really living on the edge.

The only thing I'd be afraid of is frostbite because it's December. Unless you are going somewhere like Miami it's too cold in most of the rest of the country to wear flip flops
And why would you be afraid? They are just cheap plastic shoes that millions of other people wear. Nobody will even notice you