How Do Teenagers Afford These Clothing?

Real answers please. So, I go to this high school, not in a very rich area. A lot of my friends, always buys expensive clothing. They're always at the mall whenever I text them, always buying designer clothing, expensive clothing, etc. I don't know how they afford them, as I know their parents, they aren't very rich. I would say my parents are richer and I probably have more money then them. I just wanna know, what do these kids do to get these "expensive" clothing. Do they buy them, then return it? Do they wear it in stores, then take pictures?

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What do you mean by designer? Stuff like Nike/north face or Gucci/LV? They prob just don't have much else to worry about/ save for them/ or could be buying replicas

You should ask them.

they are from middle class families

Maybe they are stealing them, it's not uncommon for school kids to steal clothes. I would not recommend anyone try it though as there could be serious long-term or life-changing implications if caught. Having said that, I wonder if they have a part-time job. If they get pocket money and have a job, perhaps they could afford it or they get good pocket money. They only way you'll know is to ask them.