Is global warming actually caused by the greenhouse effect? What about the sun warming up?

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global warming is godless dogma

In 1970 - on BBC News, they were complaining that the climate was getting colder, and we are heading into an Ice Age.
When things start getting colder, and they will, I wonder what they will be telling us then?
Maybe the shift from "Global warming" to "Climate change" is all part of their plan to tax us for the natural effects of the planets weather.
If you think energy prices are high now - think what they will be when everything is getting colder!

For one thing, the Sun is not warming up. It is cooling down.

AlGore The Great invented global warming.

The scientific community is pretty clear on the causes.

not the sun.

It is caused by the cyclic change in the distance the earth is from the sun. The cyclic nature of the warming periods are clearly proven by the Vostok ice core sample data which shows the temperature history of the earth for the past 500,000 years. The earth experiences warming periods of about 15,000 years every 100,000 years. The earths temperature is 15-20 degrees colder between warming periods. We are very near the end of the present warm period and could enter the cooling period in perhaps 100-500 years. We need to develop strategies to survive the 75,000 year frigid period. Solar power is useless in dealing with the frigid period since they add no energy to that supplied by the sun to the earth. However, nuclear power does.

There is not one shred of scientific evidence that man can change or control either climate or weather. The climate is changing all the time. That is the nature of climate. But we are not causing it. And we cannot fix it.

True science is based on doing experiments, and repeating experiments for the same results. And when they start talking about a "consensus," you can know that true science is NOT based on any consensus. So that should trigger your "junk science" alarm.

Evil powers want to make you pay more taxes in the form of "carbon credits" so a few people can become billionaires. And the money collected from "carbon credits" will NOT FIX ANYTHING. What are they going to do to stop the climate from changing? It has been changing since the beginning of time. We cannot stop climate change.

And if you think we can, PROVE IT. Where is your evidence? Have you conducted any provable and repeatable scientific experiments to stop the climate from changing? PROVE IT. PROVE ME WRONG.

How will we spend the dollars collected from "carbon credits?" Nothing we do is going to fix it.

Carbon dioxide is not a poison. Plant life cannot survive without it.
Oxygen gas is not a poison. Humans and animal life cannot survive without it.

Do you see how animal and plant life balance each other? We give off carbon dioxide, and plants give off oxygen. One balances the other. Both are equally important.

Why do I need to give a science lesson here? Are we a nation of science illiterates? Are we that gullible?

Are we that stupid? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

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By the way, I am part of the group "Minnesotans in Favor of Global Warming." We are trying to do everything we can to promote global warming. Our winters here are too long and too cold. A warmer climate would be so nice. And we do not care at all about Florida. So if part of Florida were to go underwater, that would be just fine with us.

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I'm going to try to be fair here, Global warming absolutely is caused by the greenhouse effect..............however; it may well not be if you are constructed using these 3 very basic elements: Conservatism, American, Christian

The Sun's surface temperature is always fluctuating, just as is the Earth's surface temperature. The overall fluctuation of surface temperature on Earth is around 250 degrees F in any given year, but 99.97% of the energy that warms it up comes from the Sun.

" ... The visible part of the sun is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,500 degrees Celsius), while temperatures in the core reach more than 27 million F (15 million C), driven by nuclear reactions. ... "

There is absolutely no doubt that the Sun controls our solar system (" ... The sun lies at the heart of the solar system, where it is by far the largest object. It holds 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass and is roughly 109 times the diameter of the Earth — about one million Earths could fit inside the sun. ... ")

"Climate Clowns" continue to try and convince the human populace that a raised CO2 level (currently 0.04% of the entire atmosphere) is controlling our global surface temperature. Even though atmospheric CO2 has increased by 40% since the 1650s, CO2's influence on the "greenhouse effect" is still between 10% and 26% on our surface temperature. Nothing that science has researched and concluded has changed that absolute FACT. The "greenhouse effect" makes up about 33C (33 kelvin) of the total atmospheric temperature.

CO2 makes up anywhere between 3.3C and 8.58C of the TOTAL greenhouse effect. A 40% increase in CO2 levels does not increase CO2's influence on temperature by 40% or even 1%. It has stayed the same. There are absolutely no scientific papers that conclude that "CO2's influence on the greenhouse effect has increased" from anywhere between 10% to 26% to any higher #. (NOT 11% or 27% or any other #)

Whatever al Gore said

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How 'bout looking at a chart of 30+ years of solar history.
Remember that for more than 50 years, every decade is hotter than the last one.
Every single decade.
And the solar history links below don't show that warming.
In the last 40 years, the maximum change in irradiance has been about 0.07%
And for most of that time, it's been far less.
And, the average has not increased.
So no, the global warming that is occurring, and has been measured, is not due to the sun warming.