Climate Change Inventions?

Does anyone have non-existing climate change inventions that could help save the environment?

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No one is interested in saving the environment, we have many ways to improve it, (reforestation, bio-char, and more) it is all about money, taxes and regulating the population.

Clean energy sources, such as solar, hydro and nuclear power.

Fusion power

So you are wanting someone to come up with something that could make millions and has not been patented yet - and just give it to you?

How about a vegetable that is quite long and round, and when you hammer it up a cars exhaust pipe it stops all emissions.

I know someone that is working on an energy producing device that he believes violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. If such a device were possible it would generate energy AND cool the planet.

Before people dismiss him as a crackpot, I should mention that he is a physicist that has published numerous papers on the subject and organized scientific conferences on the subject. He may be wrong, but he is not obviously wrong.