Will Islamic State take over the world?

I saw a recent Isis video uploaded last month saying that in 2020 ISIS will have taken over the world. Are they still that deluded considering they are losing in Iraq and Syria

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yes , unless we send them back to their countries. we are so stupid, they start a war , then come into our countries as refugees and stay. wake up.

ISIS is a phony excuse to get oil money out of Iraq and Syria by use of force to take over the government. It failed.

Considering they've shrunk by 1/2 the area they control in the past 6 months...NO. Not a problem.

Don't be silly.

No : its just a bunch of stupid criminals who will eventually melt away into the population has more pressure is heaped on them ,basically they are little more than cowards.

God help us if they do...the world will go backwards