Is Ukip leader Paul Nuttall to blame for his misleading biographical details and can he be trusted with a manifesto promise ?

Best answer: Nuttall is a nutter and a liar, proven facts... the Kippers kipper...

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Almost certainly; not that I'm surprised. I was more surprised to read of a simplistic and blinkered bigot holding a doctorate; I cannot imagine his being capable of comprehending any but the crudest concepts or data. As to Nutter on the NHS, I'm pleased to see his lies unmasked.
I think we should congratulate Ucrap, though, for electing a grotesque, mendacious oaf who is such a brilliant ambassador for what Ucrap actually is; a collective of brutish, ignorant social refuse.

Anyone who has this need to lie about themselves and funk up their achievements should never be considered to be an MP; what makes this bad, is that 'Fleet St' (as was) will drip drip drip his 'Scouse' origin (y'know the sort the tabloids love to tell us about) just a wee bit more now, in order to have the more ignorant of their readers from elsewhere in the UK sneer & snarl. However - it could be said sticking Mr. Nuttall on top of the UKIP tree to attract northerners who still had Labour in their hearts (especially in his part of the world), was just a wee bit too good to be true. He obviously terrified Labour - and before the celebratory fish supper has cooled...the poor sod's been found out.

Nuttall is a nutter and a liar, proven facts... the Kippers kipper...

Nut all