How can Turner prize have an age limit of 50?

Surely it is ageist and illegal. I buried some printed out Y!A questions in 2011 and I was planning to dig them up and exhibit them soon. I am 50 though, is it too late to enter?

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Unless their receiving tax money, they're pretty much free to put whatever restrictions they want upon their entrance.

Do you think they'll find out if your son or daughter made the entry?

I'm sure that Turner is positively revolving in his grave about most aspects of the so called Turner Prize, the imposed age limit being just one of the absurdities.

If this is art then I am an alien. Who cares what that bunch of idiots do nobody is interested in them except the nutters who enter.

Yes, I agree it's rather discrimnatory.

I udnertsand they dont want to make it a lifeitme achievement award, so all they've doen is make it an award they get in their last 40s now, Grayson perry, 43; Mark Wallinger, 48 etc

IT also means they can never win it again, it's only been going since 1984 and the original winner would not be allowed ot enter these days !!

The massiv eirony is that one of his great works "The fighting Temerare" wouldnt be allowed into the exhibition !!