Why doesn't america invade Saudi Arabia to teach them about freedom?

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yeah thats a great idea... though it wouldnt show them anything about freedom , but would show them about thuggery. Saudi might treat women odd but the state does not have the same dreadful problems with crime and culture issues.

You know, of all Arab countries the Saudi government and royal family does deserve to get a little shock and awe the most.

No need to they already play ball with the US by continually using the petrodollar and allowing the US have military bases there.

Get real. America is dangerously entangled in Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia is a long time friend, the home of bin Laden who was motivated to plan 9/11 out of revenge against America for approving and partially instigating Saudi Arabia's banishing bin Laden from his native land. You can't change a nation's values overnight. America is "The" Land of the Free, not just any land, but the only land of the free.

Indeed it is odd that this dictatorship seems imune from the need to "bring democracy" to it I wonder if its because its a friendly nation ??

Oh for goodness sake, you can't just invade a sovereign country because you disagree with its politics. Are you advocating going to war with everyone you disagree with?
In that case, I advocate an invasion of America, because they are positively puerile.