How did zac goldsmith lose a safe tory seat with a huge majority. Did he think he could fool everyone all the time?

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He's an unlikeable winker of a rich boy, that's why, he managed to irritate enough people...

Lib Dems always do well in by-elections; he didn't have Tory support; he was a Leave MP in a Remain constituency; Farron has made his party into the Sore Loser's Brigade to get votes.

Not difficult when you think about it.

He did, but he was wrong because he was outclassed by somebody else who were even better at fooling people, namely the Lib-Dems.

But I'll tell you this If Tim Farron gets his way I'd hate to be a Lib-Dem door knocker, because they're going some door step shyte thrown at em, bet he hasn't thought of that, the silly little tw@t, can't stand the man or his predecessor.

He vowed before he was elected in 2010 that he would trigger a by-election if the government supported a third runway at Heathrow. He didn't know then there would be a referendum on EU membership just before a decision was made in favour of Heathrow and his Euro-scepticism would be a major issue in the by-election. He should be given credit for honouring the vow made six years ago.