I've written a book. What's the best way to get it published if I can't do that in cooperation with a local publisher?

I live in a relatively small town in Romania. I wrote a book that is now almost completely edited. My book is in English, so you can imagine that the possibilities in my country are quite limited. I don't think that any publisher in my town (a really dead and unimportant town, to be frank) would be interested in publishing it. Even if someone would offer me to publish it, it would still be close to useless as interest in such a book is small in my area. I've done some research on online self-publishing and it is an interesting option that I take into account, but I'd like to know all of my options before actually doing something with it. So, basically, is there any other option to get my book out there other than a local publisher or online self-publishing? Thanks!

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Books written in English can be submitted to US, UK, Canadian, Australian, or Irish publishers and literary agents. Virtually the whole process is done via email and attachments, so where you are living isn't much of a factor.

Identify who's published books similar to yours and see if they deal directly with authors.

Why would the publisher have to be located in your town? Most authors don't live in the same town as their publishers. I would assume that most Romanian publishers are located in Bucharest. You can mail your manuscript to them. (In the US, most publishers are in New York. Most authors use the mail to communicate with them.)

Put it on Watt Pad and if your book does well and many read and vote for it your book may get published by a company either way your getting your story out there for other too read

Lots of money and your home free.....

I would try wattpad if you dont mind people reading your book for free. If your book does good then people will start voting and publishers will start contacting you