Anne of green gables?

Hello, I am 14-year-old girl and I just wanted to know if the novel "Anne of green gables" is an appropriate novel for me or if it's too complicated to understand or something for my age.

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my daughter read it when she was 8 or so and loved it. you should be fine.

Well actually I tried to read it when I was like 7 but I couldn't understand the meaning of some sentences, so I just gave it up :x

It depends if you are foreign or stupid. I read it when I was 7

You most certainly should be able to understand 'Anne of Green Gables' at your age. It's usually read by much younger people. And yes, it's quite age appropriate. (although it may be a little young for you.)
You don't have to finish a book every book you begin, by the way. If, after a few pages, you decide it's unsuitable or too complicated you can stop.