Differences in bias between movie "Grizzly Man" and book "Into the Wild"?? Please answer asap and thanks in advance :)?

We have to compare the different ways the director/author portrayed the main character in each respective piece and I'm completely blank... any help at all will be appreciated!

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"The way the author portrays a character" is not necessarily evidence of "bias." Usually, authors carefully and rationally construct their characters. The portrayal of a character is much more likely to be the product of an author's reasoned opinion rather than the product of unthinking "bias."

I think the director of 'Grizzly Man' managed to depict the main protagonist from the bear's point of view to some extent.

If your assignment is to compare the two works and you're "drawing a blank", i.e.: "you are incapable or unwilling to do what you were asked to do", then walk into your English class tomorrow and tell your teacher that you're too dim or too lazy to bother doing your homework, simple as that. Why should any of us give a toss if you receive an "F"? If you couldn't be arsed to do it, why should we?

Well - what do you think of the main character in the book and in the film. do you think they're exactly the same? if not, how are they different? and is this due to the way the author/director portrayed them.
If you think they are exactly the same, point out all the characteristics they have in common - if not you have your answer.