I need help with book titles. Please, extremely desperate.?

Alright, I'm writing a Harry Potter fanfiction and I'm starting from year two. It's about a girl (Hermione's little sister) who is just a teensie bit messed up. But not mentally (at first) her heart is full of dark energy. She is sorted into Slytherin because of it. Now, this is the main gist of each book. I'd like the titles to relate to each other and the summary. Book 1 ([1] 2&3) Beginning Hogwarts life - being compared to Hermione. Book 2 (4&5) learning about what's wrong with herself. Now here's where I'm stuck... In Year 6 She's going a little bit crazy and becoming hopeless and I want the title to relate to that but, during year 7 I want her to become happy and I want a title to relate to that. So Idk if I should split year 6 and seven up into two different books or just make a happy title for them both. I'm so sorry for all this confusing mess

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What a great way to explore your imagination and hone your writing skills. What a fun way to spend your time!

Play around with this dark energy and identity theme. It's awesome!

To note, Hermione didn't have any siblings, however, you can play on the fact she may have been separated from her family at birth (due to the dark energy; hermione was light); and this is her younger sister finding out who she is herself; who she is related to (and soon, compared to) and how she fits into the world. For ever in her great sister's shadow?

In book one, I would reveal a little of what is wrong with her. Give her an obstacle to overcome and prove her worth. Then in book two, do more of the same but make the obstacles bigger and the stakes higher. And so on, adding more emotion and complexity as you like.

As for year 7 and her becoming happy - there will always need to be conflict in her life and something to overcome. In overcoming that conflict and realising once hidden and unattainable things i.e. friendship, courage, freedom, that is what makes someone happy.

Title ideas:

In Granger's Shadow
Dark Uprising
Insidious Spirits
Snakes of Conspiracy (Slytherin)
Wands of Enlightenment (Year 7?)
Curse of the Mud-Blood (curse on her?)

Please do - have fun!

(Don't listen to negative comments)

PS: If you start in Year 2. Book 1 (Year 2&3) Book 2 (Year 4&5) Book 3 (Year 6&7) Good, balanced structure. A trilogy of fan fiction. Or make each year a story in itself. It's up to you. :)

PS: Her journey is one of acceptance. Inside and outside. Along the way being accepted by various people will help her; however, no acceptance can beat that of the acceptance by one's own family. That must be her ultimate goal. If she cannot achieve that then she must accept herself above all (and with a new family of friends around her) and move on. :)

Im sorry if this answer is disappointing but for me personally, i like to come up with titles at the very end. That way, i can come up with the most fitting name since i will have everything already written. Also, if u come up with a book title first, then u are limiting yourself creatively since you will have to make the story fit within the title. I know this might not help but good luck with your writing. I hope it turns out well :)

Explain how this situation qualifies as "extremely desperate." You wish to write a few fan-fiction pieces, none of which are likely to be seen or read by more than the smallest handful of people - if that, and NONE of which even seem to exist as of the time of this writing, so again - exactly how does that qualify as "desperate"? Are you even remotely aware of how ridiculous it sounds to beg strangers for help with titles for MULTIPLE BOOKS, that will supposedly span years, all of which (if any ever see the light of day to begin with), will be based on existing characters and settings? Exactly how devoid of the slightest sense of imagination are you? If you had fifty pages written and were looking for ideas about titles, even that might be forgivable and understandable, but soliciting advice on stories that don't even exist and claiming that you're desperate to title them is nothing short of completely absurd.

Book 6: "Sunset at Slytherin." Book 7: "Sunrise at Slytherin."

p.s. You might appreciate Omraam Aivanhov's "Looking into the Invisible" and "The Book of Divine Magic," and Mark Prophet's "The Masters and Their Retreats," for descriptions of magic.