Was life better under roman rule ?

I know that after the fall of rome the world rome once ruled fell into disrepair and people of the time saw ancient rome as a ancient advanced race. I mean people lived longer hygiene was much better there where all sorts of jobs small groups of people prospered from trade and you could go from Britain to syria with one currency and one language. The romans didn't disgrace people on there beliefs as long as they paid taxs. I know they did bad staff like enslavment but that was really only to people that refused live that way and rather live in a less advanced but free world.

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So are you banking on not being the slave who worked the quarries or the lead mines, or the domestic slave that stoked the fires in the bath house? You have a rose-tinted view of Roman enslavement policy. In Rome, depending on the period, you had a ten times greater chance of being a slave than a citizen – and even then not all citizens were equal.

After the Roman empire fell, many former roman colonies were in some confusion for a while afterwards as there were new invZasions, new conquerers etc. Some people may have felt they were better off under the romans. For many people though, the departure of the romans didn't make a lot of difference, as they would hAve been living in the country and working in agriculture, and probably not had a lot to do with roman towns etc. i doubt people lived any longer under roman rule - diseases were widespread in the roman era and the infant mortality rate high just as it continued to be until modern times. The decline of the roman empire led to interesting new developments in europe, it is hard to know how things would have gone if the romans had maintained their empire. they were not very innovative, things might have stagnated.

It depends. When in Rome, etc..

'Free' is a relative term here, but they were certainly freer than people in Europe for the next fifteen hundred years or so. You didn't want to run afoul of the Roman justice system, but if you had a lawyer you stood a chance of winning your case. The worst thing that ever happened in world history was that the Roman Empire became Christian. That demolished a free paganism to replace it with a very rigid and paranoid religious structure.