Why did Joseph Stalin hate Jews?

Hi. I am curious about this. I am not an expert on world history. Most folks know Hitler hated Jews- he blamed the Jews for Germany's problems, which is why there was the Holocaust. A Russian told me Stalin disliked them because Russian Jews stole money from the Russian government, so he put them in jail. Is this true? Are there other reasons for hating Jews? Please help- thank you.

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german jews deposited huge sums of money in swiss banks before and during the war to protect their wealth , after the war swiss jews running the banks made it almost impossible for them to claim their money back and confiscated much of it - go figure

Antisemitism doesn't need a logical reason... or even a reason at all.

Although I'm not an expert on Stalin's biography, I know that after WW2, Stalin prompted a wave of antisemitism with his story of a sinister conspiracy of alleged Jewish assassins, all doctors. See "Stalin and antisemitism" in Wikipedia. This is one indication that he was mentally ill. I remember reading that there innocent people who were imprisoned simply because they were Jews, and because life in the labor camps was so so harsh, this was sort of like a death sentence.

Stalin was always strange, but after the war, he did things that are truly hard to understand. Although we don't know that the invasion of South Korea was his idea, he obviously supported it, at least after the fact. What did the Soviets gain from this war, other than bring the world closer to World War III and nuclear annihilation?

He wasn't supposed to. Marxism condemns racism, sexism, anit-Semitism and other 'isms' that try to divide the workers. Marx was born Jewish, as was Trotsky. Neither one of them considered themselves Jewish, but whatever.
Stalin grew up in an Orthodox family. Orthodox Russians hated Jews almost on principle, under the age old assumption that Jews have to be engaged in fraud and theft. Therefore if Stalin found 5 Jewish thieves, it was enough to condemn millions.